Art by Nancy Honaker


Let Your Art Soar!

About Me

My Background


When I was little, my favorite things were jigsaw puzzles and art and  I went to college to study art. I always dreamed of being a full time artist, but life had its many twists and turns and my career path took me in a different direction, although my love of art never faded. I am now so grateful to be back doing what I love. Dreams really do come true!

My Medium


I have used many different mediums,  acrylics, oils, pastels, and pen and ink, but have found my new favorite with colored pencils. It's fascinating to watch a blank piece of paper or canvas come to life and know that every inch was covered with my pencils! I also love that there is no clean up involved! 

My Inspiration


My inspiration comes from what makes me happy. I love to look at the details of an animal, flower, or whatever and think  I'd like to draw that. It's hard for me to look at something and NOT think about drawing it! The possibilities are endless!